Monday, May 7, 2012

What is crack a lacking?

Home is where the heart is. Where ever that may be.


Did you see the moon?



How about Just before the sunrise?



Now off to take a shower. Have great day!



Fun with the sun.


the view


  1. and your home looks lovely, Randall. Waves madly !!!!!..................saw the moon, but could not catch it, asked the man to take me to the hills, but too late, too far, too high *sigh*
    Lovely images of your world. Have a wonderful day whatever you are doing, I am off to do a chicken roast dinner, kids popping around tonight *smile*

  2. Wonderful shots Randall. LOVE that one of the moon above the water!!!

  3. That was this morning at 530. Couldn't stay in bed. Sitting there watching the world come alive.

  4. The last one was 4 together and with the lap top, I was not able to clear it up, so it is a little fuzzy.

  5. I like this post - nice and laid back - bit like that moon!! Is that a lake or the ocean you live on?? Ahh just loked at your info on the top of the page - Moses Lake!! That waterfall scene is much like the falls and vegetation in New Zealand - beautiful - as is the early morning moon over the water - soft and sleepy looking!Nice family shot too - love it! Nice pan too by the way - will get around to oing some again myself soon. I have not really done anything since the old pre-digital days!!

  6. No this is not my home it is only, a stop over in life, during a well over due drive about. These are from a drive to the Pacific ocean in Oregon. I needed to find some new subjects to shoot. He he