Saturday, June 30, 2012

Images & Words Week 165 - The Year You Were Born


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Tsar Bomba

On 30 October 1961, the Soviet Union detonated the Tsar Bomba nuclear bomb over the Novaya Zemlya archipelago in northern Russia.

The theme for this week is The Year You Were Born and you can chose anything that happened that year. 

So for my time stamp, I choose the Tsar bomb.

The 27-tonne Soviet Tsar Bomb (king of bombs) was the most powerful weapon constructed.

Officially named AN602 hydrogen bomb, it was originally intended to have a yield of 100 megatons, but this would have posed problems with the radioactive fallout.

What a year to get my start in. What an explosion I have become. LOL


  1. Amazing shot of the sheer show of power which this photograph represents. LOL did u explode out of the womb - woooooooooooooosh - HERE'S RANDALL!!

  2. That I am sure is how my mom felt. He he The world had no idea what had just begun.

  3. As a photo, it is a thing of great beauty. It was the year I graduated from High School, left home, and lost my virginity. Good year, :).

  4. Well you certainly arrived with a bang

  5. I recently saw a piece on this bomb on the Science Channel. It was indeed the most powerful man-made explosion ever detonated. On the show a scientist pointed out that "anything over 50 megatons is a waste, since the force of the blast blows a hole through the entire atmosphere and the excess release of energy just blows out into space."

    Amazing that something so beautiful (although captured through one heck of a dense filter), has the power to eliminate all life on earth (or most of it). Nice choice, Randall.

  6. Here's more interesting information on the bomb for those with a scientific bent.

  7. I guess that explosion has contributed to have made you look at life with very special eyes... beautiful entry!

  8. WOW you were born at momentous time there Randall and I love the colours you have chosen for this post.
    The image is perfect.
    Oct 30th and you share your birthdate with my oldest son.

  9. Now My birth month is November, But the year was 1961. Lots of things happened that year, but this one stood out to me.