Friday, June 8, 2012

Next Shot Week 15 - Technique: Close Up or Macro, Theme: Shapes In Your Garden

This one became interesting like I never thought it could. He he and here is how it all started.

Started out looking for some shots to post. Close ups and or Macros. With the theme being shapes in your garden. Ok this is a fun one in my mind. So off I went looking for shapes.



Come on now, how hard can this be? Something is always shaping up around this house. Just have to get out and look for them right?



Even just the lights that I can't stop the robins from building their nest on, still it has shape.



Pretty normal walk about till now. As I was walking to the back yard with shapes in mind, I saw some really small shapes Where they where not the day before.



The house keepers were all out in front of our hive. You can see them all over the ground in front fanning their wings, trying to bring a queen bee back.

You see last week a great Friend of mine came over to check on the health of our hive. Well once we got it opened up, we found that half of the hive had left along with the queen bee. It is called a swarm. When the bee hive gets too full, some or half will leave with the queen to find another less crowded place. I was a bit bummed then. But now seeing these house keepers out here doing this, just seemed strange. So I went a little closer. Then I heard it. Really loud too. I started seeing lots of little shapes in the air. LOTS!



Now being of sound mind, I decided this was not going to bee a macro shot for me. I didn't think I would like the outcome of getting up close to these shapes. So the last shot is as close as I am getting. 5 feet is my limit with out the suit.LOL Funny how some things can really shape up our days, when we least expect it.



Ok now feeling a little bit safer, I went out and got that close up. SO keeping with the theme. He he

Da Bees In my garden, Up close. He he





  1. Thankfully, Professor Bee is a good friend!

  2. Here is the video from last week when we did the first inspection.

  3. The first three shots are beautiful, as usual,, Unusual place for robins to build a nest. The hive shots and the bees!!! OMG!!! You got a lot closer than I would ever get - bee stings hurt!!! Really interesting video. Glad I'm sitting here just watching it!

  4. Well I just went out and added another floor to the bee box. Hopefully with that much more room, the swarm will decide to move in. No way to know if they were the ones who left, or a whole new bunch. But this time I got dressed right. He he.

  5. Randal you got some awesome shots.
    The first one that weed really grows fast and I think it's is neat the
    Way it will twist round things.
    All your shots are great as usual, but the Bees close up and personal is
    We had a Bee swarm in our house they are loud.

  6. LOL Cool take on the theme my friend great shots one and all;)

  7. Wow, really enjoyed the bee videos, no way I would get around them like that. Looks like you have a lot of land.

  8. Plenty of room to run if needed. Even got a irrigation ditch if I need to find water fast. LOL

  9. Sorry I did get carried away a little bit. It did make for a fun day though.


  10. Cool this morning so the bees are very still.
    This one was shot with my cell phone

  11. Well all is well that ends well. The bees have moved into their new hive, but not with out a little jumpy video operator anxiety. LOL

  12. All fantastic shots Randall!! I really love the one of the knot-hole in the wood!! The bee shots are all fabulous, too!! Not sure I'd wat to get that close to so many, although I had to fend off quite a few while I was getting my shots yesterday.