Saturday, November 24, 2012

A little color for the day.

So I have taken a Little break from photography for the past few months.

It has been kind of nice, not going out each day looking for  shots. But that is over now.

So spent the day cleaning all the camera gear, charging the batteries and looking for a place to go.

Just starting out with a few from the past month. Hope everyone had a safe and fun Thanksgiving. 


  1. I'm sure you will find the perfect spot for taking photos. I just returned from a trip "down home" for Thanksgiving so most of my photos were family but did find some fun camera time too. Even started trying to learn manual settings.

  2. I had to prove I wasn't a robot to comment. Here's my site but soon I will have it to readers only and will need an email address if you wish to be added. You can do that in a PM to Multiply if you want to join. Don't know how to PM here.

  3. Hi Randall, nice to see you back!! Have you been away? Or just not taking photos?

    I've sent you a couple of PMs over on Multiply in recent times asking for your e-mail addy for Blogger (as I'd managed to lose it!!) so I could send you your invite for the new Picture This site, but got no response. Could you either PM it to me before Multiply closes, or send it to me at, assuming you still want to be in the group.