Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Next Shot Week 13 - Technique Black and White or Sepia, Theme "Old"

Next Shot


Baz, from Next Shot has started me on a old journey. Taking pictures and using sepia or Black and White. Now the theme is Old. But what does that really mean? Starting out I went for the easy ones. Here is the start of my "Old". Come on step inside and let me know if you feel and smell old in here.



So using some photos that were of old stuff, and changing them to black and white or Sepia, I am trying to make these shots seem old. In a way it is easy for the subjects themselves are dated.



Now taking something with a little old in it, but with newer stuff around it, and making it seem like it was taken in the past. Hmmm not sure If I am getting it right, but fun playing around with it.






Now my wife said what came to mind for Old, was bugs, nature, rocks, monuments etc. Sooo I went there to see if I could make it work for this.













Ok I am pretty much blowing this day. Not good. I am going to get off my booty and go do something before it to late. But I do have some shooting to do this evening that might fit right in here with this theme. Will see and will see ya later. So Ta Ta for now.



  1. alright! Fun technique this week - thanks Randall. Will have to dig into my photo files and put some thought into the theme. should be a bit of fun but will take me a few days. I like the one of the shags on the rocks - really does look like a photo from the turn of the 19th to 20th century as does the 4th from bottom. All are believable!

  2. Wow. Hard to choose, but favorites would be White House; Corridor; and Lone Tree, probably in that order. But I don't wanna sound picky; they're all good and absorbing at the very least....those three, and especially the house and the corridor just strike me, personally, as exceptional. (Soothing color, too, that sepia.)

    Upon further review, I'm also really struck by that old covered car with the bench in front of it. Haven't had my coffee yet, but I might prefer it to the tree. Oops, forgot, I don't drink coffee. (Guess I must REALLY need some.)

  3. I know the feeling. LOL Thanks for the comments. I was having fun looking at the photos and adjusting them to seem from an earlier age. Could use more practice with the adjustments. Will Have to go shoot some more. My hard drive became full yesterday, so waiting on a new external hard drive to arrive on Saturday.

  4. I came to check yours out but it is private so I will check back later.

  5. All awesome shots Randall!! There's something about every single one I like, but the lone tree in the dip was my fave. And it would also be a good shot for the PT challenge this week, too!!! LOL.

  6. I love the theme and you've taken it to a wonderful level. I really like them all but the first one is my favorite.

  7. Wow I am truly stunned & in awe of your work!!! I love them all & think they look sooo much better than mine! I should have played with them a bit more to get that grainy quality. Love these!

    Empress S's Next Shot

  8. Thank you, but it was a learning curve for me too. Just looking at the shots and trying to picture them as old photos. A real challenge to say the least. LOL

  9. Of course I love all of your pictures. The cars especially. What a great find.
    Love the old store. Are they Eastern Wa.?
    The lighthouse is great too. Did you add grain to the photo. It
    makes it.
    Perfect set of shots.

    Hey don't you hate it when you find old cars and they are covered with plastic and have

    junk all around them...

  10. Yep that old blue tarp. I know what you are saying. Yes I hate it. Yes that is down close to Crescent bar. The light house, I did add the grain by increasing the sharpness a lot, the sepia to give it that look. The whitened edges I hope give it the faded look. Fun stuff though. I might even Print a few of these for my Photo room. I love everything I see and down here in the lower 48 states, there is a great amount to see. But the power lines kill me. I know, they are good, but they are everywhere. Makes some shots a lot more work to clean up.