Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In the heat of the day.

Well I got done with a month of work, and the yearly shutdown. So this week off has been kinda strange. Started off the first 3 days doing nothing but being lazy. Found this game on face book that I have been having fun with. War Commander. Watch out it is addicting. Today, I pulled away from it. It was a little cooler than the past three days and the 100 degrees and above. It was 96 and sunny!

So not being able to get in much photography this past month, I decided I was going out to shoot something, anything. Even in such strong light. So I headed to the upper pot holes. You know the spot, where I captured all the Blue Herons in the winter nesting. starting off it was a normal wonderful day out. Kind of like the way this turtle feels laying out in the sun. LOL not me, I bee looking for shade.



Even being in the water all day sounds fun, compared to the sunny hot upside of living in Moses Lake during the summer months. Hey I am adjusting. I only sweat from the moment the sun comes up to the moment the sun goes down. It has gotten better.



Just give me a little wind, and I am doing just fine. Well I decided to take another hike out into the breading ground of the Blue Herons. And little did I know what I was about to walk into.



Instead of Blues, I was taken in with that bright color of white. This is the end of the breading period of the Great White Egrets. Oh wow, this turned out to be an awesome hike. No matter how much body water (sweat) I gave away doing it.

SO here are a few captures from the days hike.













There are still a few Blue Herons and their off spring in the nest, and yes they all seem to be getting along just fine. Noisy comes to mind. Now looking forward to another hot day on a hike tomorrow.











  1. You got some great shots. Thanks for suffering through the heat to get these.

  2. Lovely!! I didn't do my bird watching this year...I'll be back with them next year!

  3. White shell feathers, the curve of wing...sunlit! So magical.

  4. OMG these are fantastic. I haven't done this is so long. I really need a day like this. Hope you don't mind me dropping by. I got the link through picture this. I'm glad I did. I lvoe these shots.

  5. Never! I just wanted to share these with my Picture This friends too. You are always welcome to kick your feet up here in my space. Make yourself at home. I have a new day tomorrow, and I know what I will be looking at.

  6. Glorious ... that describes your photos. It was a real treat for me to see the Great White Egrets.
    The bright sunlight did not seem to interfere with getting great shots at all. It was a very good day!

  7. Big, Bright and Beautiful comes to mind here Randall.
    What an excellent share and so worth the sweating and exercise on your behalf.
    So clear every photo is special but the one that struck me the most is the White Bird in Flight against the Blue Sky. Brilliant captures.

  8. These shots are fabulous. They couldn't be ant better. I never see Birds like these. Just
    Heron and Eagles.
    What type of lens do you use to capture these. It must be a long one?
    I am so impressed with all your captures..

    Kind of hot in Mosses Lake heh?
    Perfect this side of the Mts...

  9. I so totally agree with Milli. This photo really is the pick of the bunch. Good luck with your shooting today, hope its a bit cooler.

  10. Great set, the babies are wonderful.

  11. aaaaaaaaaaaaaawww, I am so jealous!! Such fantastic shots, what an experience. ...................worth a hike in the hot sun for a sight like this and then to be able to capture it like you did. Wowie.

  12. they are all fantastic captures but yes......................that one I would frame and put on my wall...................the babies are so cute too.

  13. take your tent with you and stay a couple of days.........................*smile*.................just remember to share the pics with us and watch out for crocs ???

  14. Always, he he no crocs here just rattle snakes. Still haven't come across one of them yet.

  15. I am using my tamron 100/500 lens, and each time I want something longer. Sheesh!

  16. What a a set, Randall!!!! I absolutely love herons and egrets, but unfortunately don't see many around here too often. It was well-worth losing all that water!

  17. O wow you managed some magnificent shots!!! I love those. I see the snowy egrets here once in a while but do not get shots like this & I have NEVER seen a nest with babies! Wonderful shots Randall!!!

  18. Absolutely awesome shots of the Egrets and Herons!!! We don't get the 'great' versions here in the UK, just the smaller 'lesser/little' versions. I did get a lot of similar photos to this a couple of years ago in Florida, as there was a huge nesting colony of both birds at the Gatorland reserve. I love the second photo, of the small bird, too.

  19. Looks like it was a great photography day even if it was hot and sweaty! Enjoy the sunshine!